Trade Finance

The financing of international transactions is of paramount importance. ate have partnered with a global finance corporation whose operations ensure the proper and correct management of the flow of funds throughout the transaction. They provide both clients & suppliers with:

  • Appropriate finance to fund the transaction
  • Minimise risks, particularly credit & political risk
  • Manage the supply chain cash flow

Transaction flow



ate view this partnership very favourably as it offers protection to all sides by ensuring the following :-

  • That our customers / suppliers will only be dealing with bona fide organisations
  • That all transactions will be processed in accordance with stringent internationally accepted trading policy and in an uniform way
  • That all the suppliers used by ate have been thoroughly checked to ensure their authenticity and trading record
  • No deals will be undertaken without the same vigorous approach for each transaction
  • That all contracts will not be delayed by any foreseen financing issues

The peace of mind of knowing that the cash will be managed correctly and efficiently throughout the contract is crucial.

ate need to know that both their customers & suppliers financial interests are managed as efficiently as their own. All of the cash is managed through international Grade A listed banks.

This method will unlock trade opportunities which might have otherwise not been possible because of their expertise in all forms of trade financing.